Industrial Product Design CAD Services

It all starts with an idea

Most designs for a product are related to how the product will function. Human interaction and perception then follows. After the 3D model designer completes the product’s design, our industrial CAD drafting services in both 3D and 2D produces the sets of workshop drawings required for the manufacturing phase of the product.

Shop Drawings & Projects Industrial CAD Drafting

  • We are as close as your phone and will call you to gain a thorough understanding of the product’s current designs.
  • Determine the manufacturing processes that apply to the product and required workshop drawings.
  • Using the 3D model designs as borrowed assets, workshop drawings are CAD drafted to exacting detail.

Developing the Concept

Creating a conceptual model in 3D CAD and modifying and improving on that is what we do well.

Shop Drawings & Projects create 3D models of parts and assemblies and produce:

  • Rendered images and exploded views of the product
  • Realistic renderings of your concept

The Importance of Prototyping

Physically building and using the product is paramount to getting the best improvements. A solid prototype via our 3D Printing capabilities here in Gippsland ensures discovery of possible flaws in design that no amount of drawings can reveal, are met and dealt with at the inexpensive proof of concept phase. Improvements are also discovered by this means and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service.

Bringing Your Ideas to Reality