Commercial / Industrial

Shop Drawings & Projects specialise in 3D CAD design and CAD Modelling drawings

  • Our experience in providing drawings and modelling comes from a “hands on” background of 24 years in the steel fabrication industry.
  • Our software enables us to prepare a 3D model, then subsequent 2D fabrication drawings are provided enabling your job to be completed right the first time.

Associated project management services for the steel, engineering, construction and manufacturing sectors. Our background in steel and construction enables us to provide you with assistance managing your project if required. Having done your shop drawings our knowledge of the construction is finite and can be of benefit to you on site.

  • Design and fabrication requirements

Having spent many years on bespoke design requirements in the coal handling industry Gary has a keen eye for detail on how things can & need to work, he is also experienced in the construction sector and has the ability to assist you with design and procurement.

  • Procurement of specialised components & products locally and through a joint venture partner in China.

Manufacturing products in China is a minefield when you tackle it on your own but our joint venture partner is an Australian who has now spent 5 years in China and manufactures to Australian standards saving you time and money.


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