Materials Handling Component Manufacturing

Shop Drawings & Projects specialise in parts manufacture for materials handling equipment producers in Australia.

Onshore Component Manufacturing

Shop Drawings & Projects prides itself in manufacturing components locally to ensure a cost-effective and highly competitive supply, under Australian QA standards and specifications.

Our Services Include:

  • Design of specialised components and products.
  • Procurement and Manufacture of specialised components and products
  • As well as local assembly and finishing

Offshore Component Manufacturing

Through a joint venture partner in China we also offer the same, high quality design and manufacturing service. Again this is under Australian QA standards and specifications as the facilities are owned and operated by an Australian Company. All assembly and finishing is completed in Australia.

New Concept Design and Prototyping

From idea to concept then prototype and final component manufacture, our experience and expertise ensures a cost effective, timely and Australian Standard product and service.

Need Help with an Existing Project?

This is where we excel. We advise and assist with existing projects and get you back on the right track.

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